Laraine and Megan’s Short Film :: Hephzibah, GA at Perrys Landing Barn Venue

When I met Laraine and Megan, I instantly knew I liked them. So relaxed, fun to be around, and laughing all – the – time!! I knew their wedding would be the same, and guess what, it was even more amazing than that! They had their ceremony, surrounded by a circle of friends at Perrys Landing in Hephzibah, GA. I don’t usually get choked up at ceremonies, but this was the first time I witnessed a “warming of the rings.” The guests each got a turn to hold the rings, and they got to say a prayer, make a wish, send love, and yes, heat up those rings in that 41 degree weather!
Megan and Laraine, I wish you a lifetime of true love and happiness 🙂 Thank you for letting Sugar Peach Productions capture your magical wedding ceremony!

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