Iceland Adventures: Tröll, álfar, og Norðurljós með frábæru vini

Traveling with Maureen of The House of Flynn is one of the best life experiences I’ve ever found myself in. Every new place we visit is full of amazing views, fun people, and once in a lifetime photo/video opportunities… but more importantly, with each trip, I’ve gained new friends that I can call my sisters. (The model in these photos is Savannah Kate Morgan – she’s incredibly talented and we discovered on this trip thatwe both share a deep love for all things fairy tale and Disney! She’ll actually be teaching in future HOF workshops, so I’m excited to see what she’s preparing for everyone attending her classes!)  When you travel with someone, share a room with them, and ride in the car or on an airplane for a long time, you really get to know them – and that’s been my favorite part of every trip – the connections and new friendships with photographers from all over the world. I’m incredibly thankful for the sisterhood that comes with the House of Flynn Tribe and the support system we are able to offer each other. If you ever have the opportunity to come along with us, I would love to see you there!

To Maureen, Savannah, Abby, and Maddie, and all of the new friends that I wish I got to spend more time with: It all ended way too quickly and I’m hoping to see you all soon. It’s so hard to love a new friend almost instantly and then to leave to different parts of the country. Reunion, please? I love you!

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