Christine’s Engagement Preparations

While I was working on Khank and Christine’s documentary video of their engagement day, I decided they needed a quick Valentine’s day present: A preview so they could see how it was coming along!! I was at a good stopping point (the end of a super cute song), so here it is!! This is just the very beginning of their whole amazing day, and the video ends right before Khank, Christine, and their family and friends enter the house for the engagement! Trust me when I say there is a bunch more to see – Summer and I caught HOURS and hours of footage, so condensing this into a documentary video is a beast of a job!! I hope you enjoy what we have so far!!

P.S. Sweet Tea Videography is in a bit of a transition period – we are changing the name to Sugar Peach Productions!! Bear with us as we convert everything over to the new, more amazing color scheme and more spectacular name!!!

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